Vehicle telematics is a broad area of the automotive industry that uses intelligence and the Internet to continuously track your vehicles. In the automotive sector it is a common practice for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to use the latest technology to track vehicles. Serving the automotive industry with expert IoT solutions, Alphatrack is a powerhouse for vehicle telematics in India. Equipped with live vehicle tracking capabilities, our automotive telematics devices make your vehicles safer. Alphatrack vehicle tracking system also has advanced features like engine immobilizer, geo-fence notification, over speeding alert etc. With the emerging vehicle market, Alphatrack aims to accurately meet the need of vehicle tracking using the latest technology. Products made in India.

What is GPS tracking system?

GPS tracking devices are one of the more popular types of tracking systems available to businesses and consumers today. Put simply, a GPS tracking is the surveillance of location through use of the Global Positioning System to determine and track the location of its carrier (typically a vehicle) remotely. The technology can pinpoint longitude, latitude, ground speed, and direction of the carrier and enables location data to be collected and displayed on a map which can be used to locate something.

AlphaTreck GPS is a trusted and well-known brand across India. Our products help you to locate Car/Bike/ Bus/Truck etc. accurately from your mobile app. Stay connected and take care of your vehicles with a highly accurate real-time GPS tracking system.

Why AlphaTreck GPS fleet tracking so important to fleet management?

Vehicle GPS can be an advantageous tool for fleets for several different reasons. Most notably, tracking devices provide visibility of vehicle’s whereabouts but the benefits extend way beyond just location identification. Some other key benefits include.

Optimized routes.

GPS vehicle trackers allow you to identify the location of a driver and determine which driver is best suited to send to a job site.AlphaTreck, even provide route optimization tools to help plan more efficient routes and identify opportunities to further streamline once the route is completed. AlphaTreck also provides tools for time-sensitive dispatching, in one place. Dispatch managers can track the drivers routes and evaluate performance trends to optimize future routes. To improve planned versus actual route performance, using our GPS tracking system, advanced analytics, and intuitive reports.

Improved security.

GPS vehicle tracking can help you increase the security of your fleet. If a vehicle goes missing, a GPS tracker can help you locate and recover the stolen or misplaced asset faster. AlphaTreck GPS Tracking Systems even let you set alerts if a vehicle is used during off-hours or if an asset leaves a pre-designated area.

Happier customers.

Whether your fleet is delivering products to people’s homes or is part of a more intricate supply chain, your customers expect a certain level of service and convenience. Because AlphaTreck GPS tracking software provides the exact location of each vehicle, you are able to more effectively dispatch a nearby vehicle to a job site and certain fleet management solutions even allow you to share the vehicle’s route and ETA (Estimated time of arrival) with the customer.

Share Live Location.

AlphaTreck’s Live location sharing feature helps keep customers informed with real-time ETAs and vehicle locations from a shared URL that can be sent directly to a mobile device. And because AlphaTreck has real-time tracking GPS device, so customers can see exactly where on a route a vehicle is located at any given moment. Not only does this help your fleet deliver a seamless experience to your customer, but it also eliminates time spent answering people’s queries like ‘When will my delivery arrive?

Reduced costs.

Whether you’re Reducing fuel costs by making more strategic dispatch decisions or creating more efficient routes, GPS vehicle tracking tools help fleet managers confidently make cost-saving decisions in real time. By providing increased visibility into fleet operations, GPS tracking gives you more information about your vehicles so that you can make more impactful business decisions.

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