Installing a GPS tracking system in a school bus helps you use advanced technology to track the vehicle with a mobile phone or personal computer.
Get the ability to see the real-time location of all your buses at once. You can now access all your fleet data at the click of a button from our bus tracking system.
Whenever it comes to offering transportation facilities to school students the first thing that should be considered is reliability and safety. By providing access to a customized GPS-enhanced school bus tracking system, parents, school administrators, as well as transportation contracting agencies are updated with bus routes and schedules.
Alphatrack’s GPS tracking system is designed in such a way that school administration can track their fleet of buses on a single dashboard using web application or mobile app. We have solutions that help schools and parents track their children to and from school. By using our live GPS vehicle tracking system, school authorities can ensure the safety of children. The solution sends timely alerts and notifications to parents and management staff about unscheduled routes, start times and delays to address any concerns parents or school management may have.
The proposed solution also sends alerts about boarding and deboarding information about the child. Parents and administrative staff receive an emergency alert when a child fails to board or alight at the wrong bus stop. Emergency notifications such as bus failures and delays, emergencies, holidays or schedule changes are also managed.
Safety at school allows children to be in a stimulating environment, promoting social and creative learning. If their safety is not met in any way, children are in constant danger and may stop coming. Promoting school safety provides open space for children to learn and discover many new things. Students of all ages need a safe learning environment for better learning and development. Research shows that children who feel unsafe at school perform worse academically and are more likely to become involved in drugs and crime. Both public and private schools are facing a major security crisis. This leads the Rover team to find a solution where, if parents have information about their child’s activities at their fingertips, everything is possible. By automating the systems running in schools, the administration will have a clear view of the staff as well as the underperforming students. This helps in choosing preventive measures to overcome them.

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