If you ride your motorcycle everywhere and often park it at different places, then having a GPS tracker for bike is a must. Sometimes it is difficult to find your bike in the parking area and it may be at risk of being stolen. Using the Alphatrack app, our GPS tracker for bikes can help you track your bike’s exact location, no matter where it is, so you can rest easy knowing that your bike is safe. To make your bike safer, our motorbike tracking devices come with optional features like engine immobilizer, geofence notifications, overspeeding alerts and more. Alphatrack offers India’s latest GPS bike tracker online at affordable prices. If you ride a superbike, we recommend our superbike tracking device.


GPS car tracker is an essential tool for protecting your car and family members on and off the road. The Alphatrack Smart GPS Car Tracker includes an inbuilt SIM card that connects your vehicle to the Alphatrack app on your mobile and provides real-time car tracking data with 90 days history report. Engineered in India by our team of vehicle telematics experts, our GPS car trackers give you a connected in-car experience that not only ensures car safety but also provides intelligent vehicle diagnostics that tracks your location. Assists in car maintenance.


GPS tracking can be a beneficial tool for fleets for several reasons. Specifically, tracking devices provide visibility of a vehicle’s whereabouts, but the benefits go beyond simply identifying location to include optimized routes, lower costs, etc.
Advances in communications technology and telematics have made GPS tracking more popular today than ever before. Whether you’re tracking a single truck or a fleet of vehicles, the attraction of GPS tracking devices lies in two key benefits: productivity and peace of mind. But how do GPS tracking devices achieve these benefits and impact fleet management?
Read on for a definitive guide to understanding how GPS tracking for trucks can help your fleet run more efficiently. Tracking your commercial vehicles is no longer difficult with our GPS tracking device and tracking application. With our support, you can rest assured that your vehicles are safe and under surveillance 24/7. All you need to do is install our GPS tracking device in your vehicles, equipped with a complete fleet management system. To make your fleet safer, we offer advanced features like Engine Immobilizer, Geo-Fence Notification, Over Speeding Alert. There are some other optional features also available with our vehicle tracking system. GPS trackers can be purchased at affordable prices with a 1 year subscription. Our vehicle tracking software gives you the power to protect the backbone of your automotive-dependent business. A modern marvel of next-generation telematics, it is designed for those who deal with fleet vehicles every day. Keep track of your fleet of city cabs, delivery vans and delivery bikes, auto rickshaws, trucks, school buses.


Installing a GPS tracking system in a school bus helps you use advanced technology to track the vehicle with a mobile phone or personal computer.
Get the ability to see the real-time location of all your buses at once. You can now access all your fleet data at the click of a button from our bus tracking system.
Whenever it comes to offering transportation facilities to school students the first thing that should be considered is reliability and safety. By providing access to a customized GPS-enhanced school bus tracking system, parents, school administrators, as well as transportation contracting agencies are updated with bus routes and schedules.
Alphatrack’s GPS tracking system is designed in such a way that school administration can track their fleet of buses on a single dashboard using web application or mobile app. We have solutions that help schools and parents track their children to and from school. By using our live GPS vehicle tracking system, school authorities can ensure the safety of children. The solution sends timely alerts and notifications to parents and management staff about unscheduled routes, start times and delays to address any concerns parents or school management may have.
The proposed solution also sends alerts about boarding and deboarding information about the child. Parents and administrative staff receive an emergency alert when a child fails to board or alight at the wrong bus stop. Emergency notifications such as bus failures and delays, emergencies, holidays or schedule changes are also managed.
Safety at school allows children to be in a stimulating environment, promoting social and creative learning. If their safety is not met in any way, children are in constant danger and may stop coming. Promoting school safety provides open space for children to learn and discover many new things. Students of all ages need a safe learning environment for better learning and development. Research shows that children who feel unsafe at school perform worse academically and are more likely to become involved in drugs and crime. Both public and private schools are facing a major security crisis. This leads the Rover team to find a solution where, if parents have information about their child’s activities at their fingertips, everything is possible. By automating the systems running in schools, the administration will have a clear view of the staff as well as the underperforming students. This helps in choosing preventive measures to overcome them.

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